Piece Of The Story

[ Do what you love . Love what you do ]

Sepertinya itu

Seperti batu pualam yang menggantung
Hanya diam namun bercerita
Tentang masalah sekitar yang bergelayut
Tanpa kiasan ataupun candaan
Terlalu padat
Terlalu berat
Terlalu beraroma penat

Mungkin suatu ketika
Ketika menjadi keniscayaan
Air yang bersama
Mengikis perlahan
Menjadikannya berongga
Karena terlalu lama terdiam


Welcome to maa world darl :)

hi all dearest good writer. the meaning am a newbie here. let me know about your world . very pleasure to me to know your hobby , your profession , your anything what u love including story about your family and absolutely home sweet home especially on Sunday morning, yeahh. many things in our life “come and go” whatever the conditions we have to be grateful and eventually you will know why you are given these things

give me a meaning of beautiful purpose in the world. explore the meaning of life and ways to happiness . give more cool inspiring. share and laugh together. freedom and nature . completed and mixed both of them in my thought. and peacefully comes to us 🙂

best regards

midnight 00.00 a.m

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